Valencay Cheese

Valençay Cheese is a cheese made in the Indre department - the name links the cheese to the town of Valencay.

Distinctive in its truncated pyramidal shape, Valençay is an unpasteurised goats-milk cheese. Its rustic blue-grey colour is made by the natural moulds that form its rind, darkened with a dusting of charcoal. (The curd is drained and placed in a mould. After being removed it is covered with charcoal dust and left to ripe in a humid, ventilated room. Affinage lasts for three weeks during which time its characteristic external mould forms and the central pate - initially crumbly - softens).

The cheese achieved AOC status in 1998 making Valençay the first region to achieve AOC status for both its cheese and its wine.

See also Selles-sur-Cher, Crottin de Chavignol and Pouligny-Saint-Pierre among other cheeses made in the Centre region.

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