Sancerre is a town and commune of the Cher d├ępartement, in central France. It is a medieval hilltop town overlooking the Loire River in the former province of Berry.

Known principally for the production of red wine from the Pinot Noir grape until the 20th century, the Sancerre area was devastated by phylloxera (a virus which destroys grape vines) in the late 19th century. The vineyards were replanted in with the Sauvignon Blanc grape and in 1936 Sancerre white was given AOC status; reds were classified in 1959. The area now produces white, red and rose wine but is most famous - ironically - for it's white wine.

The area is also noted for its goat cheese. The nearby village of Chavignol, which gave its name to the cheese - Crottin de Chavignol - is located on the territory of the commune.

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